Brookdale Community College

765 Newman Springs Road,
Lincroft, NJ 07738-1543
Brookdale is an open admission college, available to anyone 18 years of age or older, anyone who is a high school graduate or holder of an equivalency diploma. (The Culinary and Health programs have additional admission criteria).

If you do not have a high school diploma or an equivalency diploma, you may still enroll at Brookdale as long as you are 18 or older. Students wishing to gain equivalency diplomas may do so by completing a sequence of 30 Brookdale credits and passing a test. (A program is provided for persons who wish to earn equivalency diplomas without attending the College; it is offered at our Higher Education Centers and is geared toward the New Jersey High School Equivalency Examination.)
Brookdale is open all year and operates on a term-based system. There are two traditional 15-week terms which begin in September and January. In addition, various short terms run during the summer months, a 10-week term runs during each of the two traditional terms, and a two-week Winterim term runs during winter break.

Classes tend to meet once or twice a week, depending on the length of the term and the course content. Classes are scheduled through the day and evening, and on weekends, to meet the demands of working people as well as traditional full-time students. Courses are offered not only on the Lincroft campus, but also at various locations throughout the County, accessible from most areas by public transportation.
There is no typical Brookdale student. People of all ages come to the College to meet education goals as varied as the people themselves. They enroll either full time (12 credits or more) or part time, in programs designed for transfer to four-year colleges. Others are pursuing programs designed to prepare them for employment upon graduation.

People already in the workplace attend Brookdale to upgrade their skills and enhance chances for promotion, or to explore new areas for a career change. Many students are here because they love to learn; they select courses to enrich their personal lives.

In keeping with the College’s dedication to open and innovative education, learning at Brookdale is oriented toward success. Each course has clear objectives. Tests for many classes are taken in the Brookdale Testing Center.

Teaching and counseling faculty members schedule office hours to answer student questions. All major areas of the College have learning assistants available to answer subject matter questions, to go over tests and assist students in completing class work. In the laboratories, lab assistants perform similar functions for students needing help in performing projects or experiments.

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