Buy Jim Morrison's Door!

According to a recent Craiglist posting, the owner of the Los Angeles building that’s said to be Jim Morrison‘s last known U.S. residence is selling furnishings from his apartment.

All items for sale are original to the 1932 building and/or were in the building at the time of purchase and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Some items include:

Light switchplate covers (2 available) $5 ea.

Coppertone stove $300

Courtyard plastic flower pot $30

Also for sale:

Baggie of rounded cement wall chunks and piece of wood from exterior bldg. $20 all or $5 each.

Original tenant keys to front pedestrian gate $10 each (7 available)

Shower head $5

Original 1932 closet door hook $10

Smoke detector $20 ea. (2 available)

See all the items listed for sale and how to purchase here!